Puiggros- Exedra Blanc - 2019

Puiggros- Exedra Blanc - 2019

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After a hand-harvest, the grapes were fermented naturally in 800-liter clay amphora for about four months until the finished wine rested in both the amphora and cement tanks on the lees for another few months.

Farming: Organic

Bodegas Puiggros only took their wines to market in 2008 but they still have a romantic winemaking history. Since 1843, the Puiggros family has been producing wines from their own vines in the Odena region of Catalunya for the family and close friends. Over generations they had come to realize that their vineyards and techniques were something worth sharing with the world. A sincere dedication to the terroir in their zone and the indigenous varieties that grow there, allows them to constantly discover ways to unlock all of the magic that lies within their land. Starting with conscious and clean farming in the vineyard, they hand-harvest only the best fruit for their production, and ferment each vineyard separately in varying vessels to accentuate what the vines have to show; some in stainless steel, and many in clay amphora of differing sizes. Depending on the batch, the wine goes into top quality oak for extra aging, all the while seeing very little sulfur use (if any) until bottling. Puiggros is pushing the quality of northeastern Spain's wines forward, and doing so in a clean and unique way.

Garnacha Blanc

Grenache blanc (also known as garnatxa blanca in Catalonia) is a variety of white wine grape that is related to the red grape Grenache. It is mostly found in Rhône wine blends and in northeast Spain. Its wines are characterized by high alcohol and low acidity, with citrus and or herbaceous notes. Its vigor can lead to overproduction and flabbiness. However, if yields are controlled, it can contribute flavor and length to blends, particularly with Roussanne. Since the 1980s, it has been the fifth most widely planted white wine grape in France after Ugni blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon blanc.

Country: Spain
Region: Odena (Catalunya)

The production of wine started in 1843 from the vineyard Cal Pau Palomas, in Òdena, comarca of the Anoia in the province of Barcelona, although in the olden days it was never commercialized. In 2008, with great effort, the vineyards were recovered and refurnished the country house to create a small winery, Bodegas Puiggròs. The vineyards of Bodegas Puiggròs are located primarily in Òdena and at an altitude between 450 and 650 meters, having a distinctive terroir, by virtue of its unique geography, orientation and surrounding climates: Mediterranean and Continental. The soil in this area is mostly clay/limestone. The growing season is long and the maturation process, although very delicate, complex and prolonged, is the key to reaching the full potential of the quality available in this area. Bodegas Puiggròs cultivates varieties of Cariñena, White Grenache, Sumoll and Red Grenache. The Exedra Blanc comes from a gorgeous vineyard full of limestone and clay, at 500 meters above sea level

Tasting: Aromatic, peach, pineapple, jasmine and lemon, a touch of herbs and honey

Pairing: Grilled mahi with pineapple salsa