Chateau Lestignac - Va Te Faire Boire -  100% Merlot - 2020 VDF

Chateau Lestignac - Va Te Faire Boire - 100% Merlot - 2020 VDF

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🍇 Merlot 

Region: Sud-Ouest, France

Farming/VinificationMathias Marquet took over the estate in 2008. At the time, the vineyard was made up of 13 hectares. From the start, our winemaker couple turned to organic farming. They decided to cultivate only 7 in order not to spread too much, and to be able to put all the attention they want in the vines and their wines. Over the years, in order to go further in the development of their vines, to refine their wines and to deepen the terroir effect, they have turned to Biodynamics. Always seeking to perfect their approach and anticipate tomorrow through agroforestry, each year they plant hundreds of flowers, trees and shrubs.

With such convictions, it’s obvious that in the cellar, vinification is done in the most natural way possible. No inputs, except sometimes a minimum dose of sulphites for the whites (when necessary). The grapes (certified organic) come from Benoit Périssé and Leïla Lare in Thenac. Camille & Mathias Marquet harvested them by hand, then vinified at home.

Notes: Fruit forward with little tannins and nice nice acidity. Raspberry, currant, strawberries it‘s an immediate pleasure. Great BBQ wine.