Domaine Le Facteur - La Bulle du Facteur - Rose

Domaine Le Facteur - La Bulle du Facteur - Rose

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Grapes are by hand then undergo spontaneous fermentation in neutral oak with indigenous yeasts. Wine is aged in barriques and sees no fining but is lightly filtered


Mathieu Cosme is a fifth-generation vinergon working his family’s estate, Domaine de Beaumont in Vouvray. A former rugby player, now working his vineyards with a horse and plow, using certified organic methods with biodynamic preparations.
From Fabien Brutout, "I am 33 years old, after a university course in wine linked to the Sébastien Brunet (organic) estate on the AOC Vouvray from 2006 to 2008, I met Mathieu Cosme (organic winemaker) afterwards and I was lucky to partner in 2013 with him by launching a new range of wine at Domaine “Le Facteur”. I have since succeeded in taking ownership of the vines in the AOC Vouvray and planting 2 hectares next to the Coteau du Loir AOC. The cuvées are certified organic or in the process of certification. 100% certified target in 3 years."

Grape: 100% Gamay

Chenin blanc is the dominant and nearly exclusive grape of Vouvray. While the obscure minor grape Arbois is permitted in the Vouvray AOC, it is rarely seen. This gamay is super rare as almost no gamay grapes are grown in the Vouvray region.

Gamay is an ancient Burgundian red grape variety that is most well known for the wines of Beaujolais. There are over 30 different varieties of Gamay, many of them specifically cloned to select certain characteristics. The original variation is known as Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc - named for it's pale flesh. It is a natural offspring of Pinot and Gouais Blanc

Country: France
Region: Vouvray

Vouvray is a French wine region in the Loire Valley located in the Touraine district just east of the city of Tours in the commune of Vouvray. The Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) is dedicated almost exclusively to Chenin Blanc.
Wine production in this area is highly variable and dependent on climate conditions. Cooler years promote the production of dry and sparkling Vouvray, while a warmer, more favorable vintage encourages the production of sweet moelleux or liquoreux styles produced by noble rot in a manner similar to the sweet dessert wines of Sauternes. With the naturally high acidity of Chenin blanc, Vouvrays from favorable vintages have immense aging potential. A few wines drink well into 100 years of age, but it is more common to find a well aged Vouvray peaking at the 40 year mark. Across the Loire River from Vouvray is the Montlouis AOC which produces Chenin blanc based wines like Vouvray that tend to have less acidity and concentration of flavor.

Tasting: wild strawberries, cranberry, salty, cream. Super fruity, yet super dry

Pairing: Baked brie, rosemary and goatcheese flatbread