Domaine Grosbois - La Cuisine De Ma Mere Chinon Rouge - 2019

Domaine Grosbois - La Cuisine De Ma Mere Chinon Rouge - 2019

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Cherry, blackberry, medium bodied, well integrated tannins. If you like a medium bodied smooth red wine, here's your pick.

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Grapes are harvested by hand then destemmed, and fermented for 12 days in open concrete tanks with indigenous yeasts, then aged for 8 months in concrete.

Farming: Practicing organic


The Grosbois family vineyard is located at a place called “The Pressoir” Panzoult in the Chinon appellation in the heart of the Loire Valley. The Chinon appellation, recognized in AOC, offers wines with aromas of red fruits and violets and covers 2,300 hectares. Located on the hillside of Chinon facing the south, Domaine Grosbois consists of 9 hectares of vines spread over 13 different plots in order to adapt the cultures to the soil. This varied plot configuration allows a palette of expression for their wines. Nicolas wanted to preserve this heritage and to respect its 600-year history. They also work 28 hectares of grains.
Nicolas came back to the vineyard in 2008, to take over for his parents, whilst bringing a new outlook and techniques from other wine regions – Southern France, Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Chile.

100% Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a french black grape variety and is one of the worlds 20 most planted vines. It does well in cool, inland climates such as the Middle Loire and Libournais. In Bordeaux, plantings of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon were almost equal in the 1960s. As less profitable white wine vineyards were replaced with red vines, Cabernet Sauvignon was more frequently chosen, so much so that by 2011 the total area planted area of Cabernet Sauvignon was twice that of Cabernet Franc.
As a wine, this grape is usually lighter in color and tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon. It is typically light to medium bodied and fruit forward with herbaceous notes. Cabernet Franc wines from Chinon are known for characteristic green pepper notes.

Country: France
Region: Loire (Chinon)

The wines are made from the Cabernet Franc grape called “Breton”, growing on limestone bedrock. The soils mostly consist of clay and limestone. A fragmented geography respected since the 15th century makes it possible to produce four vintages of character. Different soils modulate the personality of the wines. The gravelly soil of low hills gives fruity wines, where the top of the hill, the argilo-siliceous lands produce more structured wines. The know-how of Nicolas and the knowledge of his vineyards allows him to create distinct elegant, wines, while respecting the soil and the product through organic agriculture. The work of a winemaker is to adapt to the physical and climatic constraints, to question constantly, and thus, to uncover the character and personality of the terroir through the wines they produce.

Tasting: Cherry, blackberry, medium bodied, well integrated tannins

Pairing: Herb roasted salmon, stuffed Portobello mushrooms with crispy goat cheese