Georgas Family - Flirt Pet Nat - 2018

Georgas Family - Flirt Pet Nat - 2018

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Spontaneously fermented in stainless steel, with partial fermentation in the bottle, and a few sulfites added at bottling.

Farming: Biodynamic


The Georgas Family is located in the historical area of Spata, the center of retsina and the unexplored Savatiano white grape, where they can trace their agriculture roots 380 years back. They cultivate their 4.5 ha of estate owned dry vineyards biodynamically, with very low yields (21 hectoliters / ha). Vinification is natural, through spontaneous fermentation, no intervention, no sulphur (for most wines), and up to a week of skin contact, which gives their wines a characteristic bronze color.
The Georgas Family counts more than 380 years of recorded wine growing tradition in the town of Spata. The street where the family lives, which is the family’s old winery, bears its name (G. Georgas street). The current winery is the restored historical winery of “Kambas”.
Dimitris Georgas had no intention of becoming a winemaker. After a degree in geology, and two masters degrees in oceanography and environmental management, he inherited the vineyards when his father passed away. He decided to take the plunge, and immediately turned to organic viticulture in 1998, and started farming biodynamically only a few years later.

Grapes: Merlot 85%, Malagousia 10%, Savatiano 5%

Country: Greece
Region: PGI Attiki

The southeastern part of the region of Central Greece, which includes the capital Athens, hosts PGI Attiki (Attica) zone, which covers the northern part of the district. The zone, established in 1992, is one of the few that do not cover their corresponding Greek geographical districts in their entirety. Athens must surely be one of few capitals to have close by so many vineyards and wineries --practically at its doorstep-. As there are 11 PGI small wine zones within Attiki producing white wines, PGI Attiki mainly covers the red wine production of the district. There are seven wineries producing PGI Attiki wines within the zone.

Tasting: Fresh berries and small fruits, slightly effervescent and sweet palate, high acidity on the finish

Pairing: salt is a sweet wines best friend, potato chips, french fries, salt crusted meats