Famille Montessuit - Gringet Jonquille - 2018

Famille Montessuit - Gringet Jonquille - 2018

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From vines 70-115 years old with the average age being 93 years old. Wine is fermented completely in stainless steel to maintain high acidity and freshness

Farming: Organic

Winemaking has been going on in Ayze since 1200 and Montessuit has been around since 2011, so a relatively young winery in a very old region. Fabrice and Nicolas Montessuit are the brothers currently in charge of the estate. They are working mostly organic and won't be certified for 3-4 more years.

Gringet is an autochthonous, super rare, white wine grape from Haute-Savoie, France that is used as both a blending grape and for varietal wines. It is mainly used in the Ayze AOC sparkling wine production. The wine grape grown on the hills above the lower Vallee de l'Arve, in the French Alps (Haute-Savoie). It is unique to the region and there is no link with Savagnin or any Traminer variety. In the 1980s about 80 hectares were planted (~200 acres). Today only about 20 hectares remain (~50 acres),

Country: France
Region: Savoie

Savoie is a wine region in eastern France, in the mountainous areas just south of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and the border with Switzerland. The region's location and geography have very much defined its character, which is fragmented, hilly and slightly Swiss. This is evident in the fresh, crisp white wines made here, as well as in the region's wine labels. Many bear a white cross on a red background – the flag of both Switzerland and Savoie.
Around three-quarters of the region's wines are white. This is primarily because most red varieties would struggle to ripen properly in Savoie's cooler climate. Jacquère is the most widely planted white grape variety, due to its high yield. Altesse, known traditionally here as Roussette, is used to produce some of Savoie's finer wines, specifically under its own Roussette de Savoie and Roussette de Bugey appellations. Roussanne (known locally as Bergeron) also has its own tiny niche just south of Chambéry, where it produces exclusively Chignin-Bergeron wines.

Tasting: Alpine freshness and minerality, high acidity, bright flowers

Pairing: Oysters, lobster, anything buttery