Nestarec - Bel - 2017 - Liter

Nestarec - Bel - 2017 - Liter

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Grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tank for about 3 months without temperature control with wild yeasts. It rests in tanks for about 6 months where occasional battonage is performed. The wine is lightly filtered and gets 30mg/liter of sulfur at bottling.


"All our vineyards are herbicide / pesticide / industrial fertiliser / systemic treatment free. Of course. When speaking about my wine, I usually use the word normal instead of the earlier authentic, natural, artisanal, low-intervention terms. I simply grow vines in the normal way, with no other labels needed. And I see the same thing happening with the winemakers who inspire me. The name on the bottle - a name that you know is trustworthy - is IMO the most important seal of approval. Way more reliable than all the tags and hashtags.

We do use some biodynamic practices, but tbh I don't like how it's become a bit of a marketing gimmick. When working this way in the vineyards, you usually don't have much time left to talk about it. We only use things that we understand, things I consider important, and things that react to what's happening in the vineyard at the given moment. “See what you’re looking at,” as chef Dan Barber writes in his book The Third Plate.

So this is it, my land of freedom. Playgrounds. Stories. Sometimes tabula rasa, sometimes historically conditioned and laid out. I won't tell you about the spacing, plantation density and other technicalities. What matters is my relationship with these places and what makes them produce wines that exceed the… well, normal."

-Milan Nestarec

One third of each: Gruner Veltliner, Muller Thurgau, Welschriesling

Country: Czech RepublicRegion: Moravský Žižkov and Velké Bílovice

Tasting: Zesty citrus peel, honeysuckle, lightly smoky & salty

Pairing: Seared Tuna Salad, Grilled Halibut