SRC - Etna Rosso - 2019

SRC - Etna Rosso - 2019

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The Mt. Etna Rosso comes from the rich volcanic soils of this mystical mountain, where the grapes can grow undisturbed for a very long time. The average age of these naturally farmed vines are around 70 years old, and the blend is primarily Nerello Mascalese, while being boosted with about 10% of other autochthonous varieties. After about a three-week natural fermentation in vat, the wine is aged for close to 12 months and bottled during the waning moon and without the use of any sulfur.

Farming: Biodynamic


SRC is a small family operation located on the famous northern slopes of Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily, and takes its name from the first initials of Rori and Cinzia, and their daughter Sandra. As a double meaning, when you say the words SRC together, it sounds like the Italian phrase 'essence' meaning: 'We are here.' The wildly active volcano has given the planet a remarkable place for unique, alive, and stunningly world-class wines. SRC began in 2013 with a small production of 3,000 bottles, and has steadily grown year-by-year while respecting their craftsmanship - creating five wines from about 17 hectares of Contrada (sites) between Solicchiata and Randazzo. The high elevation and steep slopes of Etna are full of tiny plots of terraced vines, fueled by fresh and rejuvenated volcanic soils that create truly one of a kind grapes, that arguably taste of its place more than anywhere in the world. The estate vines are located in 5 distinct districts: Crasà, Calderara, Rivaggi, Barbabecchi, and Pirao; all of which offer a unique quality to these biodynamically farmed indigenous varieties, with management of wild herbs and the help of local sheep. In the cellar, natural and slow fermentations, minimal intervention, old large barrels, and no sulfur use, create a small range of inspiring and delicious Etna wine.

​​​​Nerello mascalese, & ​other autochthonous varieties

Country: Italy
Region: Etna

Tasting: Cherry, stone, blood orange, wild herbs, walnut, fire. Super light bodied but complex. Can almost taste volcanic ash peaking through juicy fruits

Pairing: Burrata, pesto, roasted eggplant