Our Story

Kathryn’s wine journey began in 2017 when she started working at her neighborhood wine bar in Los Angeles. Having been a drinker of wine for many years, she was surprised to find these wines were unlike any she had ever tried before. They were vibrant, fresh – they tasted alive. These wines had a sense of place and small independent wine makers behind them. She was initially impressed by their taste and by how well they complemented food. But, ultimately she fell in love with the stories about their makers, learning about where these wines came from and the art and nature at the core of creating them. A lover of learning, she decided to make the exploration of wine her hobby and in 2018 after receiving her WSET level 2 certification, she began to toss around the idea of Kathryn’s Wines.

What if there was a wine resource that not only helped people try new wines that they loved but also showed them the how, where, who and why behind each item in their inventory?

Kathryn’s Wines is an online wine shop that focuses on the selection of unique & delicious wines but it’s primary mission is to tell the story of wine. Each online listing and delivery will include detailed information on the following:

  1. The wine
  2. The maker
  3. The grape
  4. The land
  5. The food

We hope that our shop gives you an opportunity to explore the world one sip at a time. But most importantly, we hope that you drink great wine and fall in love with its story.

Kathryn's Wines Logo

Mission - The Three Pillars

1. Nature-friendly: our wines must be made in a way that leaves the earth as happy as it was found, if not happier.

2. Low-intervention: we sell wines that are made with as close to one ingredient as possible - grapes.

3. Community-minded: we strive to run our business in a way that builds our local community and lifts up our neighbors.